Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mini Goals

I tend to get overwhelmed by the amount of weight I want to lose. It's a lot! I have a long haul ahead of me and it's going to be hard work. It's going to be hard because I'm older and I have a lot of deep seeded patterns to turn around. It's like turning around the Titanic. There's a lot of it.

One thing that is helping me immensely is setting mini goals that provide attainable things to work towards. My goal for this week was to lose 2 lbs. by Thanksgiving so that I could gain it all back again after the fantastic meal we are cooking and not feel bad about it. My goal is to just get through this food based holiday without totally blowing my diet. Yesterday I spent most of the day in the car driving to Santa Barbara. I bought some fantastic pistachio nuts and small bag of  a dehydrated vegie combo at a roadside market in Moss Landing. The vegies were a mixture of dried beets, yams, green beans, carrots and other things. They were so crunchy, lightly salted, filling and so satisfying! It only took a few to fill me up. Aside from that and a stop at Starbucks for my iced latte, that was all I had the whole trip. I managed to avoid all the fast food places which was the big thing for me. Setting the mini goal was the only thing that got me through yesterday. I pushed through it and am happy to say that I lost 4 lbs. Yesterday was hard on so many levels, but I am so thankful for the mini goal that totally helped me stay focused. If I can keep this type of thinking up I'll be well on my way to a healthier life.

Take time today to really think of all you have to be thankful for. Not just "things", but the interactions we have with other and what we can do to connect and put forth a spirit of love and understanding on this most glorious days. My goal for today is to kick back and enjoy a slower, non- stressful day full of goodwill towards others, friends, inspiration, laughter and good food.

Wishing everyone a fabulous Thanksgiving!

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