Wednesday, November 20, 2013


With the holidays just around the corner, I’m finding myself increasingly in social situations that involve buffet type displays of food. The one tonight had a full array of chocolate items. Cakes with gnache centers, truffles, fudge, hand dipped tropical fruits and some gorgeous little petit fours. I mean we’re talking beautifully crafted chocolate works of art! How can a foodie like me possibly say no to such delectable treats? Why would anyone want to?

Bottom line, losing the weight and addressing my dysfunctional eating patterns are more important to me than a bunch of chocolate. That is my truth and I need to honor that decision. After all, this is the foundation of my whole weight loss journey.

I have had a long career in the apparel industry and there is a control factor in production that we refer to as tolerances. Basically, this is a set standard that allows for error. Things move quickly through production and so the amount that a measurement can be off is important to specify so the silhouette and fit do not get distorted. For clothing, the tolerances set are in proportion to the length of the seam. The shorter the seam length, the shorter the tolerance. Most seams have a standard 1/4" tolerance.

Tonight I thought I would apply the same theory to food. So what are my tolerances? How much of a piece of cake can I have before it alters my diets outcome... and is this playing with fire? It’s hard making these decisions especially when it’s something like chocolate staring you in the face!

I decided that my tolerance factor for everything not in my diet plan would be a “taste.” A taste is just that. Not a handful, not a slice, not two tastes.  A taste is a small enough amount to get the idea of the flavor and the texture without compromising the integrity of my weight loss.

I need this buffer for the times when it is important to allow for food experiences.  There’s nothing wrong with tasting a spoonful of ice cream or tiramisu. It’s simply unrealistic for me to cut all food experiences that are potentially dangerous out of my life. Yes it’s playing with fire but I look at it more as a controlled burn. For now, I’m going to allow for tastes and see how that plays out.

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