Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Staying the Course...

This has been a challenging week for me. The holidays are kicking in big time with so much good food around. The "taste" approach is working but in some instances just wets my appetite to want even more. For instance with anything crunchy, (like crackers), I can't do the taste approach because crackers are my nemesis. For now I have to avoid them completely. Lucky for me, I've found crunch in other food items that are less likely to throw my diet under the bus. A small handful of almonds is very satisfying. Keep it to a handful though because frequent snacking on nuts can  totally derail a diet.

I find that setting small attainable goals along the way is extremely helpful. My current goal is to lose 2 more pounds before Thanksgiving. I know I'll gain them back immediately afterwards, but planning ahead for it now will help me stay on track and put me in control of my eating. Which is the point of my diet... for me to be in control and not my dysfunctional food addiction. I have to remind myself of that periodically. That it's not about the calories for me as much as it is about my eating habits. Of course I want to lose weight but that will happen through being in control of my eating patterns. It's important for me to focus on that and not on the ups and downs of weight loss.

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. To me there's nothing better than spending time in the kitchen with friends / family / whoever... creating a beautifully prepared meal. I enjoy the ritual of preparing the meal from scratch and not using a lot of prepared ahead / processed or canned ingredients.  From cooking the turkey and peeling potatoes, to tearing and drying the bread the day before for stuffing and the popping of the fresh cranberries when cooking... I love it all. I love sipping sherry in between adding it to the sauces. The combinations of traditional Thanksgiving foods pair well with alcohol and it's always an opportunity for me to try new spirits. This year it's the Jalapeno vodka from Stoli and a private reserve port. I also like to try new recipes out and this year it's the spiced pumpkin soufflĂ© with bourbon sauce for dessert. It sounds divine and I liked the lightness and no crust aspects of it. Pumpkin and bourbon are made for each other and I'm so excited to try this new recipe out!

So this is my wish for all of us struggling with eating disorders this holiday season:
  • That we will allow ourselves to enjoy food and drink without letting it overpower us.
  • That we focus on the absolute joy of the season and sharing it with friends and family.
  • To partake in the spirit of giving through the kindness and understanding that we show towards others.
  • To let the spirit of the season connect and inspire us towards greater objectives.
Looking forward to a season of new beginnings!

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