Saturday, November 16, 2013

Below 250


Milestone #1

I have not been weighing myself every day, but today I reached my first milestone of dropping below 250. I like the way my weight loss is going and think that it is a good program for me. I'm feeling a little lighter but still have a long way to go. I don't feel overwhelmed by it all however and as long as I'm making steady progress, it's all good.
I'm the type of person that needs to see results. It would be difficult for me to be on a diet and only lose 1 or 2 lbs. a week. Granted it's better than no lbs. but still that would not be enough to keep me engaged in the dieting process. I also do not care much for the "shake" diets that are so popular. My feeling is that the shakes probably do take the weight off quickly, but drinking shakes every day is not addressing the habits that got us overweight to begin with.
It takes about 5 days for my stomach to shrink to where I feel full eating less. That kicked in for me yesterday and today was the same. I've settled into a routine of new eating patterns. I don't know how long these foods will last before I start to get bored with them, but I have a plan! I'm getting all of my recipes and food ideas together now so I have alternatives in place for when it does happen. So bring it on! I'm ready to deal with whatever comes my way.
I've been having some breathing issues which started a couple of months ago. I first noticed it on a bike ride in Monterey while peddling up a long incline. Normally it would not bother me but I had to get off the bike and rest because I was so out of breath. Then it happened again the next week on another ride going uphill. Then I noticed I would be out of breath just walking up the stairs to my apartment. I had all these heart tests done and they all came out negative. I was glad to get a clean bill of health, yet wondered what could be causing the breathing issues? Well today I carried 2 bags of groceries up the steps and for the first time in months was not out of breath! I am starting to think that the extra weight was the culprit. At 257, I was heavier than I had ever been and I think that the extra lbs. were enough to push my body into a different way of functioning. I truly hope that is it! I can deal with losing the weight much more than I would be able to deal with something like clogged arteries.
I also feel less weight on my knees. Although they still hurt, they're not as painful as say a week ago...
Posting to this blog is helping tremendously. Just taking the time every day to review the progress and write down my thoughts is helping me stay focused. I feel more accountable having put it out there in the world. It's not all just in my head and I feel great when I can see the daily progress that is happening. Even if no-one else ever reads this, it's OK because it's helping me adjust the way I relate to every day food. And that... my friend... is a good thing!

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