Monday, November 18, 2013

Fat Burner Soup

I have a long time love affair with fat burner soup.  I even went so far as to consider starting a small business making and manufacturing it a year ago but after crunching the numbers, I felt that my passion for it was better played out on a smaller scale.

There are 2 main recipes I use. One is a beef stock / tomato based version and the other is chicken stock based. My personal favorite is the chicken stock version. I love this soup and make it on a regular basis. It’s very flavorful, hearty and really fills you up. I use to take it to work for lunch. I cannot eat a regular sandwich at lunch because my blood sugar plummets and I just want to go to sleep afterwards. This soup was the perfect thing for me to eat in the middle of my working day. Homemade goodness I could look forward to.

The best thing about fat burner soup is that it is nutritious and easy to make. The second best thing is that you can eat as much soup as you want without worrying about the calories. The more you eat the more fat you burn. So I usually make a whole lot and freeze it to have on hand

The soup is especially good for quick weight loss. I by no means condone eating the soup for long periods of time or overdoing it. I do however use the soup as a meal replacement. It’s filling, nutritious and does not weigh you down.

The main ingredient is cabbage. The cabbage is an excellent source of fiber that actually aids weight loss. The only chicken in the soup is the chicken stock and chicken flavored bullion. There is no actual chicken meat. I also dice ½ of a jalapeño to add to the blended vegetables…giving slightly hot under-tones that balances out the flavors. Yum!

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