Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day 3

I have no intention of weighing myself daily and it is not about the number of pounds I drop as much as it is about the mindset shift that allows me to be satisfied with less. What I put in my head is far more important than what I put in my mouth. That said... here is the scale picture I took this morning.
I realize that the first few days are mostly lost water weight and that it definitely gets harder around the second week. As long as I keep on track that is all that I care about. Visited Succlent Gardens in Castroville today with a friend and afterwards went to the Moss Landing produce market, which is a fantastic open air market right on Hwy.1. I LOVE this place! $1.00 for 3 grapefruits, $1.00 for 10 baby artichokes, $1.00 for 5 kiwis... you get the picture. Look at all I got for just $6.00!
We stopped off at Phils Fish House for lunch and I had 6 fresh Pacific oysters on the half shell and a beer. By the time I arrived back home I was pretty hungry. Fixed a light dinner of last nights left over shrimp with some of the fruits I bought today sliced up. I also cooked an ear of corn and instead of butter, I brushed it lightly with some lemon infused oil, (to give the salt, pepper and cayenne powder something to adhere to).
All in all a beautiful day. Love eating all this fresh food and am feeling better already.

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