Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I was really hungry today. Starting my diet last week was not difficult. It went incredibly well and I wasn’t that hungry most of the time. This week is different.

I’m craving meat and more substantial foods. The vegetables aren’t as satisfying this week and I want bulk. I’m craving textures that can be chewed and have a heavier weight. A steak would really do me well about now… or something like fettuccini with clam sauce or lasagna. I’m craving the feeling of being full from bulk and not full from fat burner soup.

I managed to stay on track by allowing myself to have more bulk at dinner tonight. I cooked up ½ lb. of lean hamburger with spinach and onions and sautéed apples as sides. The total portion was larger than what I would usually allow myself to have but hey… it was satisfying and got rid of the craving so I’m happy about that.


I feel like my body just needs more today and that’s OK. It’s important to be able to differentiate between the cravings that drive the bus from the ones that throw you under the bus. My body is changing and today it needed to have more protein type energy. I’m going to keep more hamburger and chicken breasts on hand just for days like today when I need them. I’m glad to be making these types of decisions about what my body needs as opposed to having it all spelled out in advance and just blindly following a plan or fad regardless of what is going on inside.  For me it’s just as much about changing my eating patterns as it is about losing the weight. The eating patterns are going down kicking and screaming. I can already tell that it’s really going to take a conscious effort on my part to keep from falling back into old behaviors. Yes it’s OK to have a big burger, yes it’s OK to have larger than normal portions. No it’s not OK to do this every day and NO it’s not OK to beat myself up over it. Years of poor eating habits aren’t going away over night and one way or another, I’ll learn to deal with it.

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