Sunday, November 10, 2013

Evening challenge

Los Gatos CA. has a fantastic farmers market and I spent a couple of hrs. there this afternoon with a friend taking it all in. I wanted to have some foods to look forward to eating when I became hungry later in the evening. I got some incredible asian pears and persimmons that still need to ripen fully before eating.
I feel good that I'm able to stay on track so far this evening. The first day / week is always the hardest. Will post some pictures of me tomorrow to track my progress. I made this meal for dinner tonight.
I love tofu and the fried tofu is really satisfying for me. It is filling and light at the same time. I like it when I slow down and take the time to make a balanced meal with a nice presentation. I think the food is more appreciated if it is put together instead of just slammed down. Putting the time into a nice presentation shows that I care about what I am giving to myself and this is important for my psyche. When I stop careing it's all over.

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