Friday, December 20, 2013

Spreading Good Cheer

I'm thoroughly enjoying the Holiday season! Had an ornament making craft project at the Boulder Creek Library yesterday and the kids all had a great time. It's great to see so many people participating and having fun. I love making these ornaments and make them every year. They are just small fruit, ribbon, whole cloves, cranberries, straight pins and anything else you would like to add, like sequins or currants. I use two types of straight pins. Use the longer dressmaker pins for pinning on cranberries and use the shorter heavier pins for securing ribbon. I buy the whole cloves in bulk from the local health food store, otherwise they are really expensive if you buy them in the little jars! I also use a toothpick to create the hole in the fruit before sticking the clove in. This keeps them from breaking so easily. These ornaments do not last long, but they are so much fun to make together and look and smell fantastic on the tree or hanging around the house.

I made caramels yesterday to send off to relatives and friends in tins with the cookies. I could not for the life of me find my candy thermometer and so had to wing it with testing for the correct consistency. I think they got a little bit harder than what I usually make. Also, the color was very dark. They are still good but I cut them into smaller pieces than normal since they were harder. I'm glad to be done with all the baking stuff and to have the tins sent off. 

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