Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dutch Baby

I was first introduced to this remarkable culinary creation through Sunset Magazine. They published a recipe for a similar dish using brown sugar, apples and lots of butter. I used to make it probably 3 times a week until I noticed that I was rapidly starting to gain weight. So I quit making it all together. Then I thought about eliminating all the sugar except for the dusting of powdered sugar. I drastically reduced the amount of butter used and re-proportioned the batter to use two eggs instead of three. I also cut the amount of flour back from 3/4 cup to 1/2 cup and used 1/4 cup less of lowfat or 2% milk.

The result was just as spectacular and satisfying as the Sunset Magazine version with less than half the calories. For the topping I use fresh cut strawberries, blueberries or any fruit I happen to have around. One of my favorite toppings is sliced apples with a few golden raisins sauteed with sherry. I find that you really do need the powdered sugar sprinkled on before serving. It imparts just the right amount of sweetness needed to bring all the tastes together. It's just too bland without it...

It's really important that you make this dish using a 10"cast iron skillet that has been preheated in a 450 degree oven for at least 5 minutes. The skillet needs to be super hot for the batter to "puff" up properly. I've tried making it using casserole dishes and pie tins but it never works out quite the same. So if you don't already have one, go out and purchase a 10"cast iron skillet just to make things like Dutch Baby and cornbread in. The results are so fantastic that you will never regret it!

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