Saturday, August 16, 2014

Letting Go

What happens when life overwhelms you? You learn to let go. I can't even begin to pick up the pieces where I last left off so I'm letting it go... completely. I'm letting it go and starting fresh. A new beginning with a new outlook and new goals based on what I now know about myself that I didn't before.
What I now know:
  • Staying the course will get you to where you want to be.
  • Changing life long patterns is a life long commitment
  • Beets, carrots and watermelon are low in calories but high on the glycemic index.
  • Counting calories will throw me under the bus.
In A Nutshell:
A lot has happened since April 17th. I lost more weight and gained it all back and more. I have decided to start fresh with my goal to lose 100 lbs. I'm not going to beat myself up over getting off track. I've learned A LOT about how I eat and why many of the foods I've been using to lose weight with are not good choices for this. I only weigh myself once a week. Getting a support system is a good thing.
And Last But Not Least:
Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

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